Attention! Ways To Avoid Prematurely Ejaculating As Soon As Sex Begins

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There are just a few other things in life that are as embarrassing as too soon climaxing in bed. I mean consider it, there she is awaiting sex.

You have actually gotten her all thrilled and she cannot wait to make love with you and unexpectedly you prematurely climax and it all ends. That’s bad.

Let me show you a method that is going to make sure that you do not too soon climax within 1-3 minutes or perhaps worse, as quickly as you enter her.

A-Spike Elimination

A-spikes are an acronym for arousal spikes.

If you want to avoid too soon climaxing within 1-3 minutes or as soon as you start permeating her, it’s time for you to learn about arousal spikes and the best ways to eliminate them.

The point here is that you do not wish to be so aroused that you are currently at the edge of orgasm and ejaculation. Since you are most likely very aroused before you even start penetrating her, the factor you too soon ejaculate is.

Being exceptionally excited or nervous causes you to too soon climax.

There are naturally certain things that will make you more excited, and these are called A-spikes.

Let me offer you an example, if you kiss a lady passionately, then you suck on her boobs, then you start caressing her between the legs, then she undresses naked and you start playing with her ass as she is moaning, then she seductively undresses and spreads her legs for you.

This is going to get you very excited.

If you start having sex after something like that you are probably going to climax before you even understand what the hell took place. You may get so aroused that you ejaculate in your own trousers or somewhere during foreplay.

All those things are increasing your stimulation and pushing you closer to ejaculation.

The factor you are getting incredibly excited is since you are not used to touching those areas of her body, and they are making you very aroused which results in early ejaculation.

You do not want to be so randy when you begin making love that the first thing you do is ejaculate, you wish to be aroused enough to have an erection but very little more than that. You do not want to be at the edge of ejaculation prior to sex even begins.

Here is exactly what you have to do to avoid too soon climaxing instantly and how you can make certain that you last longer.

You need to get rid of the arousal spikes that you are experiencing.

You have to get used to her body so that you do not get those arousal spikes, and the very best method to obtain used to her body without ejaculating is by showering together.

The factor it is so powerful is since in the shower you can caress her body and you will get very aroused, but you do not make love, rather you have fun with each others bodies and the stimulation levels will go up and as soon as you are utilized to her body they will plunge.

Your arousal levels go down when you get used to touching her body in a sexual way. Invest at least 20 minutes in the shower caressing her body and touching her personal parts.

After you have actually gotten utilized to her body, take her to the bedroom and you will only be aroused enough to have an erection, this prevents you from too soon climaxing as soon as sex begins, and since you have to get actually aroused to climax, you gain a couple of minutes in bed.

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